Take Time to Notice

Timeless Soul

It's funny how souls work, whether you believe in them or not; you may call them by a different name like "personality" or "my subconscious". I like to think there is something beyond the physical body we are all too familiar with. Some people believe that souls have an age that drives us to who we are and how we act. That soul age makes us act certain ways whether you're an old soul or a child-like soul. 

I could never really put myself in those two, most general, categories. I find myself calling people older than me 'kids' or referring to an older woman as my 'friend'. But sometimes I still find myself craving the desire to go back and play with my barbies or cuddle up to my stuffed elephant at night (I do have a stuffed elephant, he lays beside me almost every night when I go to bed, thank you) 

But why is age so important to people? I mean, it does make sense to classify your fleshy earth suit as an age because there are laws like specific drinking age, driving age, when you start kindergarten, when you legally are considered to be a senior citizen, or when you're at the age to run for president. Do we have to always act like our physical age? I know I don't. Some days I feel wiser than the days I want to giddily run around Disneyland dying to be a princess. But does that stop me from being Danielle? No, it never will. I don't want my lack of "age-appropriateness" to be considered lacking just because society tells me I have to act a certain way since I'm almost 19. 

The important thing to remember is that each day should be a breath of fresh air no matter how old your should (or your body) may be. In the end, we should love who we are and care for one another. And at the end of the day it all comes down to love. Love yourself and love others and everything will fall into place.

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